PAPNJ Counseling

The Professional Assistance Program of New Jersey (PAPNJ) is happy to announce that counseling services are now available to our program participants, their family members and non-program participants.

The following counseling services will be offered: Psychological and Functional Assessments, individual, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, family, group, anxiety and depression therapies.  Please call our office at (609) 919-1660 to schedule an appointment.


The mission of the
Professional Assistance Program of New Jersey
(PAPNJ) is to provide services to protect the public safety and welfare of the citizens of New Jersey through education, identification, evaluation, treatment planning, and advocacy for licensed healthcare and other professionals in recovery from impairing medical conditions and illnesses.

The prevalence of healthcare professional impairment is largely unknown among other groups than physicians.  The prevalence has been estimated conservatively to be between 10—15% of the population (National Institute of Mental Health’s Epidemiologic Catchment Area Survey (ECA) 1991– Robins & Reiger).  There are approximately 648,400 licensed physicians in the nation.  Accordingly, there are probably 64,000 physicians who are suffering from impairment conditions.  InNew Jersey there are more than 207,000 licensed healthcare professionals including nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and other allied health professionals, as well as doctors.  Accordingly, there maybe more than 20,000 impaired healthcare professionals in the state.